Are you ready for TaxTech?

Do you believe that TaxTech will revolutionize the future of tax advisory?

Are you busy with your day-to-day business and want to gain practical TaxTech skills with as little theory as possible? We do value your time.

Are you bored of theoretical lectures and endless discussions from the scope of TaxTech?

Instead of learning how to use hardly customizable software you would rather get practical skills and explore the world of TaxTech:

to create own solutions that perfectly fit your needs or just to know what kind of software is possible to be created? 

If the answer is yes – this site is for you!

My name is Artur Tim, I am a tax advisor, data scientist, researcher and – as a founder of TaxTech Academy in Munich – I am happy to be your guide in the world of TaxTech.


As a researcher I am building bridges between tax law, data science and AI. At the same time I have always been involved in practical projects, f.e. working for BMW Research and Innovation Center, PWC München, FlixMobility GmbH. You can read more about my experience here.


My goal is to give you a skillset that you can use to be prepared for the TaxTech revolution, that is happening right now. On this website you can find courses from the scope of TaxTech – the only ones giving you the practical skills from the scope of technology with strong focus on taxes.


See all the courses and simply check if they are for you! If you are looking for a free content, visit my channel on YouTube, Facebook Site or the press corner. There are also some very basic courses you can graduate for free (without certificate).


I strongly encourage you also to get one of the TaxTech relevant books. A great book to start is the TaxTech Toolkit – it is an introduction for the tax people to the world of digitization, automation and tax data science. You can find the waiting list here.

Best regards from Munich, Germany!



This is how we can help you:

TaxTech Bookstore

The first practical guide from the scope of the tax technology is coming soon…

On demand courses


Get skills - not boring, general knowledge

Strong focus on giving you the necessary skill - it is not the next one boring lecture.

Learn when you have time

24/7 access, pass the course when you have time.

Receive a certificate

Not only downloadable - within the EU sent by post from Munich, Germany!

Last Courses

These courses are for you if:

  • Practical skills are something that you particularly value,
  • You don’t have time to graduate studies to understand basic concepts that you could later apply for taxes or law,
  • You would like to start up-skilling in the scope of TaxTechnology to offer more value to your (future) employer or to your business, but you have no idea where to start?
  • You are motivated and aware that only clicking through the course or just playing the videos in the background – without full concentration and coding examples – will not give you the skills I want to share with you,
  • You are busy and look for on-demand courses that you can attend 24/7 – when you have time and not according to the strict schedule,
  • You are interested in new technology but have never (or barely) coded solutions on your own
  • You are aware that these courses give you basic skills and guidance, but developing them is up to you, your motivation and involvement.
  • You know that creating software is a task that usually involves a whole team, including cybersecurity experts – you should not apply on your own the solutions you learn here to the sensitive data (like f.e. containing real client information, real transaction details).

These courses are not for you if:

  • You prefer traditional way of learning, attending lectures according to a schedule, direct contact with the trainer (in this case see also our offline events or join the waiting list for the course with live-guidance),
  • Your coding skills are advanced, you not only know basic concepts of AI, automation and TaxTechnology, but also have practical skills that make it possible to f.e. send API requests to tax-relevant databases, create datasets, automate boring work, train simple and tax-relevant AI models, build artificial neural networks,
  • You have nothing in common with tax law, accounting or other fields of law,
  • You already have experience with tax software and prefer just to use it, instead of understanding the rule behind. You are also not interested in coding own, simple projects, but would rather just use ready solutions.

If you are on the left side above – TaxTech Academy is the best place for you! You will not find here any single one boring academical lecture from the scope of TaxTech. Each course is focused on getting – before all – skills, and not only knowledge!

But remember – I can give you a lot of useful materials, roadmaps, videos with practical examples and exercises. Depending on the option you choose we can also meet face to face during one of the offline events or live courses with guidance. But at the of the day, everything is up to you and your motivation!

Offline events

TaxTech Online School – 1st Edition


Not into reading right now? Here's a video for you!

Successful cooperation with renowned entreprises and public institutions worldwide

Artur Tim Markt
Rising Star 2022 (Wolters Kluwer) - one of the 10 best lawyers in Poland under 35. The most prestigious Polish title for young lawyers won at the age of 29.

What People Say

How people could benefit from our cooperation.



Mr. Tim always worked reliably and accurately. He presented the results in an excellently structured and carefully oriented manner.


National Fiscal Administration

Tax Clerk

Fascinating way of giving trainings – including given examples and illustrations. Mr. Artur Tim presented and discussed complex issues in a very accessible and understandable way. Great illustration of cases related to the withholding tax!



Data Science, Data Analytics and Machine Learning Department

The performance of Mr. Tim was always characterized by the highest level of reliability, independence and dependability.


National Fiscal Administration

Tax Clerk

I wish there were more trainers like Mr. Artur Tim. Professional, huge knowledge, great skill to teach and to illustrate the problems with real-life cases.


FlixMobility GmbH

Mr. Tim possesses particularly well-founded specialist knowledge which he always applied in a beneficial manner. His well-developed conceptional, creative and logical thinking processes enabled him to find solutions for any problems immediately.


National Fiscal Administration

Tax Clerk

Mr. Artur Tim is the best trainer that I’ve ever met! His involvement and the way he explains the complex concepts I rate with the grade A+!


National Fiscal Administration

Tax Clerk

I particularly enjoyed the involvement and a very friendly way of giving trainings by Mr. Artur Tim. The part I really liked was about the tax concepts introduced abroad – in various states whole across the world.


FlixMobility GmbH

Even faced with complex problems, Mr. Tim found very effective solutions which he was able to implement successfully and thus always achieved good work results. We were always very satisfied with the performance of Mr. Tim.


National Fiscal Administration

Tax Clerk

A surprising skill to lead such a long training in such an interesting way.

100% Compliant

Authorized at the Regional Court in Munich, Germany, as a lawyer qualified in international, European and Polish law.
Polish lawyer and licensed tax advisor
German business lawyer for international and European business law
Professional legal language training required by Bavarian regulations on legal education

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